Tab mix plus session restore fails
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The subject says it. Tab Mix plus session restore fails when you shut down system without manually shutting down iceweasel/firefox, but if you shut it down using the X button it saves it as expected.


Note that:
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In my case it was a removed tab mix plus extension responsible for this and changing browser.sessionstore.enabled to true in about:config fixed it

in my case is already set to true. Also, this bug report is for overall session restore failures, but it does point a few places.

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In case anyone stumbles across this, as I just did, it seems to be a bug with FF3 and Tab Mix Plus which persists even if you uninstall the extension. I fixed it by:
(1) Uninstalling TMP,
(2) Closing firefox,
(3) Editing .mozilla/firefox/[profile-identifier]/prefs.js to delete all lines setting prefs for extensions.tabmix,
(4) Restarting firefox.
Why those prefs should continue having an affect after the extension is uninstalled, I don't know, but it seemed to work. Note that you must close FF before making the edit, or it will overwrite all your changes on close. (I can't see a way to remove entries entirely in about:config.)

No solution yet.

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user_pref("extensions.tabmix.focusTab", 4);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.hideTabBarButton", false);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.newTabButton", false);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.opentabfor.bookmarks", true);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.progressMeter", false);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.selected_sub_tab1", 2);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.selected_sub_tab2", 0);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.selected_sub_tab3", 0);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.selected_sub_tab4", 0);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.selected_sub_tab5", 0);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.selected_sub_tab6", 0);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.selected_tab", 5);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.sessions.crashRecovery", false);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.sessions.manager", false);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.sessions.onStart", 0);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.sessions.restore.reloadall", true);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.sessions.version", "0.1");
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.speLink", 2);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.tabBarMaxRow", 6);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.tabBarMode", 2);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.tabXMode.enable", false);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.undoCloseListContent", true);
user_pref("extensions.tabmix.unreadTab", false);

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