debian lxdvdrip setup config file
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So you're set to make your backup dvds, you have all the apps installed, lxdvdrip and so on, but then you hit the config file, /etc/lxdvdrip.conf

Now, to have a satisfactory user experience, you need to fix the following two bugs in the Debian version, change these only if your first attempt to run lxdvdrip as regular user ends in missing program errors for play_cell_lxdvdrip and/or vamps_lxdvdrip.

If you do get this error, open the config file, find the two commented out lines, which are not commented out in the conf file, and change their values to the following:
:: Code ::
# play_cell_name=play_cell_lxdvdrip
# vamps_name=vamps_lxdvdrip

Then set a few defaults to be better and more usable:
First of course, I assume you won't want to use the german config file, unless you speak german, you can install the english version from here:
:: Code ::

Now, we'll want to set better defaults:
Set this to 2 for english
:: Code ::

Then set:
:: Code ::

:: Code ::

leser is reader and brenner is burner. Change these if needed. If you have only one unit, this is probably right by default.
:: Code ::

Then change the default paths, I prefer to put my data into a /home/user directory:
:: Code ::

and this sets lxdvdrip to always ask you if you want to make more copies. Change to 0 for always only one copy made: can be overridden by -mc=1 or -mc=0
:: Code ::

Then another item for default paths, if you don't want to use /tmp
:: Code ::

then set this to 1 if you want auto-deletion of files after burn is done.
:: Code ::

Then set the default burner speed to 0 (use system data to determine speed), from 4, which is slow for today's dvd burners and blanks:
:: Code ::

Once you set these, and restart lxdvdrip, everything should work exactly as expected, out of the box.

Next, to figure out how to turn off the default mplayer preview option after the backup to vob is done, so it will run all the way through without interaction, except putting in dvd blanks.

Obviously, only backup dvds that are legal to backup in your area.
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