Linus Torvalds interview, july 2003
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Found a good interview with Linus here, at

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Q: Are you happy that Linux is used commercially primarily on servers? Would you rather see it be more of a mainstream desktop phenomenon? Obviously the two aren't mutually exclusive, but I'm curious which future you'd rather see.

Linus: Oh, I'd obviously like to see Linux more on the desktop too, but I take the long view, and I don't think it has to happen tomorrow. The reason Linux is strong on servers is that it is a much easier market to get into, and I'm very happy with where Linux is today in that area.

And I absolutely do not see the server and desktop as mutually exclusive. In fact I personally think that a large measure of the technical "goodness" of an OS is how well it responds to different kinds of users, and I think specialised niche OSs are an evolutionary dead end.

I was wondering where Linux stood on the specialization issues. There are also some very nice digs at the recent SCO lawsuite:

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I'm getting really tired of the "proprietary IP" thing. How many times do I have to repeat that the SCO case isn't about IP at all, and that SCO has just been spouting crap when they have brought up their FUD about IP issues. (Editors' note: FUD stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt.)

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