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Hey guys,
I am looking for help with my OOPS code for connecting to MySQL, just for people that don't know what OOPS is Object Oriented Programming.

I am trying to connect to my database (MSQL) using this technology, however all my coding just does not seem to be working

The first code I tried was this one, however since i am on a shared server it seems that mysqli does not work??? DONT ask me why.
and as i am trying to make something for other site owners to use i need it to work with out them having to contact there administrators asking them to allow mysqli
$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost", "desvisa_v", "******", "desvisa_site");

/* check connection */
if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
printf("Connect failed: %s\n", mysqli_connect_error());

if ($result = $mysql->query("SELECT title FROM push_content LIMIT 10")) {
printf("Select returned %d rows.\n", $result->num_rows);

/* free result set */

My second code, well i did not make the code, just copied and paste, BUT man it is way to confussing and i am just not understanding it.
class MyDatabase
// The var that stores the last
// used SQL statement
var $SQLStatement = "";

// The var that stores the error
// (if any)
var $Error = "";

function MyDatabase()
// Config for the database
// connection
$this->DBUser = "desvisa_v";
$this->DBPass = "*****";
$this->DBName = "desvisa_site";
$this->DBHost = "localhost";

function Connect()
//Connect to a mysql database
$this->db = mysql_connect($this->DBHost,
$this->DBUser, $this->DBPass) or
die("MYSQL ERROR: ".mysql_error());
// Select the database
$this->db) or die("MYSQL ERROR:

// Disconnect from the MYSQL database
function Disconnect()
mysql_close($this->db) or die("MYSQL
ERROR: ".mysql_error());
So if any one can come up with a OOPS way to connect to a mysql database, I would be forever in your debt.
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