smxi & Apt-proxy % debian squeeze
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Hi H2,

Will smxi run with testing, or do I need to be using sid ?

I have just reverted to pure Debian Squeeze in order to have a reaonably stable :-) LAMP environment.

Can I run smxi from behind apt-proxy ?

I use my laptop as the primary download machine for updates and then use apt-proxy to update the other pcś

most of the time I am on the move and use UMTSMON to connect to my mobile broadband, which is ok until I run smxi which kills the app (It needs X).

The standard Kernel does not include support for my rt wifi (RT website tells me it should be built in).

Do you know of a cmd line alternative ?

Thanks for any suggestions

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Runs fine with testing. I do it all the time.

Apt-proxy? No direct experience.

Said to be fine on stable as well, just not much ever happens.

Ceni should give you a lasting connection. or Wicd.
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smxi and apt-proxy
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I uses apt-proxy earlier times and now apt-cacher which is quite a similar setup.
I use smxi with that from 3 boxes without problems, so I guess it will run also just fine with apt-proxy.


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