Moving act database to a new server
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act forum thread:

act move db to new pc:

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One possible work around to this problem could be if you try the following:

1. In windows click the Start Button
2. Select Run and type the following services.msc
3. This will show you all the running services on your machine. Locate and stop the MSSQL$ACT7 service
4. In windows explorer navigate to the location of your ACT! dB and copy the *.PAD, *.ADF, *.ALF files
5. In Windows Explorer navigate to the new location on the other machine and copy the three files to that location
6. In ACT! File->Open
7. In the File Type click on the downward pointing arrow and select *.ADF and then you should see the ACT! dB file
8. Select it and Open it.

Hopefully that should allow you to 1, open the dB in the new location and remap the PAD file and 2. Upgrade the dB to the newer version.

Also, note this:

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Edit your PAD file with NOTEPAD. Make note of the name in the HOST= parameter. Get into System Information thru START/PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/SYSTEM TOOLS. The name of your computer should be the same as the HOST= parameter. Mine wasn't. One of our network guys changed my computer name and ACT didn't like that. I changed the name of the HOST= parameter using NOTEPAD, saved the change and it worked like a database is back.

More here:

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knowledge base on moving act db:

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How to Move Your Database Without Doing a Backup and Restore:

1. Close ACT!.
2. Click the Windows® Start button, and then click Run. The Run dialog box appears.
3. In the Open field, enter either actdiag (ACT! 2009, 2008 and 2007), act8diag (ACT! 2006) or act7diag (ACT! 2005), and then click OK. The ACT! Diagnostics tool launches.
4. Click the Database button from the left navigation bar. The database list appears.
5. Locate the desired database and click the rectangle to the left to select it. Note the location of the database files in the DATABASE FILE LOCATION column.
6. Click the Actions menu, and then click the Detach Database option. The Detach Database dialog box appears.

7. Click Yes. The following Detach Database dialog box appears.

8. Click OK.
9. Close the ACT! Diagnostics tool.
10. Launch Windows Explorer (or open My Computer).
11. Browse to the location of your database. Copy the following files:

note that the adf database files must be located on the actual system, cannot be network mounted drives or machines.
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