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linux software mdadm raid:

note, for hotswapping, make sure to have ahci mode enabled in bios:

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SATA Modes (AHCI; Hot Swap)
The SATA controller has three modes of operation:

* IDE mode - no AHCI, no RAID
* SATA mode (sometimes called AHCI mode) - AHCI enabled, no RAID
* RAID mode - AHCI enabled, RAID enabled

AHCI mode also allows for Hot Swapping drives.

Switching SATA modes in the BIOS after installing the operating system is not recommended when a SATA drive is the boot drive. Switching modes may cause an immediate blue screen with an 0x0000007b error code, followed by a reboot.

Note that many motherboards default to IDE mode, thus disabling hotswap.

General Intel Sata raid faq:
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