virtual machine setup tips and tricks
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vmware server documention:
vmware server manual (pdf):

autostart vm with vmware:

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On a Windows or Linux host you can use the vmware command with command line options


Windows host:

cd "\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation"
vmware -x "C:\My virtual machine\winxppro.vmx"

You can also create a desktop Icon (shortcut) on the Windows desktop to launch VMware Workstation and automatically start a VM

Linux Host

vmware -x /var/lib/vmware/virtual \machines/winxppro.vmx"

You can also use the vmrun command on both linux and windows

vmrun start <pathtovmxfile>

You cannot -- with anything built into the product. You can use SrvAny to run Workstation "as a service" but it's basically a hack. If your primary use of virtualization is for unattended guests, then Server is probably a better product for you.

more on vmserver autostart here:

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In the VMWare Server GUI, select host in the "Inventory" panel (root node of the tree), to the right "Commands" panel should appear with "Edit Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown Settings". There will be an option to autostart the guest VM.

and a bit from ubuntu:

And a bit on installing vmserver 2 on linux:

And on cloning existing installs:

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clone the entire system using VMware convertor and copy the converted image on to Mac OS and run as Virtual Machine

You can download VMware convertor from the below link

Also visit the below links for more details on converting the physical windows to a Virtual Machine

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