Intel xserver-xorg-video-intel on EeePC
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I was getting a little bummed out with the video performance of the 945GME on my EeePC 1000he using sidux updated to the lastest Xorg and running KDE 4.2.2. I know it is an underpowered little beast but previously it had been running much better

Anyway out of frustration after messing with various recommended changes to my xorg.conf to no avail I swapped the xserver-xorg-video-intel 2.7.0 driver from sid with the driver from experimental and the performance improvement when switching menus etc. was like night and day.

There are places this observation could not be posted without ruffling feathers :-( I hope it is acceptable here.
I would not normally post about adventures with experimental and most would be best advised for it to get into sid, but wow! What a difference.

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It's absolutely acceptable here, I'm far more interested in reality than in having opinions that fit the flavor of the month. Bugs and solutions are how engineering work is improved.
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