Windows XP service pack 2 (SP2) release postponed til fall
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After wiggling around for a while, postponing and dropping feature after feature of the 'new' windows, Longhorn, MS is also pushing back release date of Windows XP service pack 2.

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Delays to the roadmap - and remember that back in 2001, Longhorn was set to ship right about now - led to speculation that Microsoft would release an interim version of XP, dubbed "XP Reloaded". That plan now appears to have been abandoned.

Which means all those new 'security' fixes will have to wait a few months more. Reason for moving release back? Probably serious bugs discovered.

This story has a good collection of links that should help bring you uptodate on the whole sp 2 and longhorn sagas.
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Big problems with windows xp SP 2
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Before you think of updating, make sure you read this article on problems with installing Windows SP 2

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CRN Test Center engineers evaluated a release candidate two (RC2) version of SP2, and upon completion of the install on three out of five systems, the machines blue-screened. A message stated that "winserv" was missing. The blue screen occurred on both Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel platforms, and all systems were running Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 1 installed. Every possible avenue to get back into Windows failed.

Sounds like MS is having real problems with the whole longhorn project, could it be that when they actually try to make their very own OS they run into some problems?

The release date keeps getting pushed back, problems with SP 2, has a vaguely familiar feel, like middle age crisis maybe, like maybe the old brain cells aren't flowing quite like they used to?
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