Dell Inspiron 1100 won't start
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Suddenly, no light on power button, does not start.

Possible solution here:

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07-10-2006, 05:36 PM
Thanks to the other post on this thread for getting me thinking why a friend's Inspiron 1100 wouldn't switch on despite power led lighting up. The Dell guy had had no luck with it whatsoever. I thought also it must be something to do with the hibernation switch activated when the screen goes down. So screwdriver at hand I opened up the unit to loof for the usual spring loaded switch , alas there was none. So how does it turn off I asked myself ? I investigated the clips attaced to the screen, alas nothing there either. It was only when I positioned the removed lower plastic cover near the screen catches that I noticed a magnetic attraction - AHA ! Time to take it apart.

The answer lay in the touchpad assembly removed for inspection (upon which the unit sprang into life - this is where the problem lay) I noticed where the magnet would exhert its force was near to a long thin sensor - labelled V1 on the circuit board. After a little umming and ahing I decided that I would disconnect this sensor with a sharp knife. Sure enough, this was the fault, I suspect the sensor had increased in resistivity and was no longer functioning. The only downside to this is that on closing the lid there is no automatic hibernation. However this has to be better than the $500 quoted by the dell guy for a new Mobo.

Total time for repair : 1 hour ( be careful removing the upper plastic casing there are screws under the screen housing so the screen will have to be removed)

Cost of repair : $0

Good luck. Let me know if this was useful


Manual here:
Service manual here:

Or this:
for C panel issues, which doesn't look like applies to inspiron 1100

or this:
for other options.

And a neat laptop repair site:
Just in case you get bored of the Dell and want to do something else with it.
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