Donate a socket 939 + agp motherboard?
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I'm having no luck with my test boxes, which are all made out of old scrounged and halfworking parts, now my faulty 939 board is failing worse then before, but I like it because i have some amd socket 939 cpus, ddr 1 ram, and agp nvidia cards.

So, if anyone feels generous and has an old unused socket 939 + agp slot board and wants to donate it for sgfxi/smxi testing development, send me a pm.

This system was running ok with occasional kernel crashes, but it's getting worse now, I think it's a dying ata / ide controller chip or circuit, that's the error the kernel gives usually, ata fails... tested everything else and it looks like it's the mobo unfortunately, the last crash however corrupted the ext3 file system, which is fairly serious, so it's probably not a bad idea to let this old mobo go to the great mobo resting place in the sky...

But I do like having agp for testing the 5xxx series of older nvidia cards, and also with 32/64 bit test installs.

I'll wait a week or so then decide what to do about that box.
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