Tip to get latest sidux kernels in smxi
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Towards the end of each major kernel version, ie 2.6.28 -> 2.6.29, sidux often has the new version available as experimental kernels.

To get the latest, installable via smxi, using the standard kernel logic, simple make sure first that you have sidux.com repos enabled in your sources.list or sources.list.d/sidux.list files in /etc/apt, then add this to the end of the sidux.com repo line: exp.main

Now rerun smxi, and you will see the new 2.6.29 kernels available for install in the kernel installer section.

Just do as you'd normally do, and there you are, brand new kernels of the latest vintage. Remember, these are ONLY FOR TESTING and ADVANCED users, or people who are just curious. These are experimental, but usually by the time they are available in the exp.main repo in sidux.com, they are fairly decent.

nvidia drivers tested and working with them, by the way, but you have to use the beta ones for legacy cards.

Have fun.
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