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Some time recently lm-sensors added thinkpad sensors, but they use a hard to decipher list of temp1, temp2, and so on, rather than describing what each sensor is. To help with this problem, here's a page of thinkpad thermal sensors for Linux. Found that link here. thanks.

:: Code ::
 ThinkPad T40

The location of one of the sensors is identified here.

EC offset   Index in "thermal"   Location (estimated)
0x78        1                    CPU
0x79        2                    System board under rear left corner of Mini-PCI module
0x7A        3                    ?
0x7B        4                    GPU
0x7C        5                    Battery
0x7D        6                    n/a
0x7E        7                    Battery
0x7F        8                    n/a

 ThinkPad T43, T43p

Found by Shmidoax using cooling spray to cool down components and observe the effect on the sensors.

EC offset   Index in "thermal"   Location (estimated)
0x78        1                    CPU
0x79        2                    Between PCMCIA slot and CPU (same as HDAPS module)
0x7A        3                    PCMCIA slot
0x7B        4                    GPU
0x7C        5                    System battery (front left = charging circuit)
0x7D        6                    UltraBay battery
0x7E        7                    System battery (rear right)
0x7F        8                    UltraBay battery

now that's useful information, thanks.
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