Add usefull features to Full PHP Browser Detection
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I found your Full PHP Browser Detection script and it's a very good script !

But some features are missing.
Your script is oriented for 'Developer' to do special browser tricks and not for other uses like reporting.

Indeed, I think it would be very usefull and it will be very easy to add full os and browsers names like 'Windows XP', 'Windows Vista' or 'Firefox 3.0.5' instead of 'nt 5.1', etc...
You just have to add new parameters to your function like browser_full_name, $os_full_name or browser_real_name, os_real_name...

I'm developing a reporting application and I have to make statistics of os and browsers with only the user-agent. (So I can't use your javascript script version)
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You are exactly right, the php browser detection script is designed for developers to use for whatever purpose they want, ie, it's a library file to plug in or modify if you wish.

It's not particularly realistic in my experience to try to extract the full working names in many cases, some, yes, but not all, and the data in general isn't very reliable.

There is a computer information module that does more or less what you want, that's why it's offered.

But php browser detection will remain a core library tool for developers to use in whatever way they want, including modifying it as they like, keeping in mind of course always that this is GPL 3 code, so any distributed changes must be published, and ideally, it would be nice to get a sample here in case there are any good ideas to integrate.
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Better change variable i_count to somewhat else to avoid php notices

on line 567 and 582 in this famous and very useful script:
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