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I have put this in anything goes as I do not want normal readers to see it in the smxi its a loooow priority....if I can be understood. I am aware there is a FAQ at the smxi site.

2) But what I am hoping to suggest is, the faq page could have a summary of what exactly it does.

I am thinking that if "we" send ppl to might appreciate a few lines of what to expect.

Not that I am any good at grammar but something like

FAQ What is smxi?

It is a interactive script designed to help Debian and derivative Debian systems including sidux to maintain their systems.

This includes:
- Distribution Upgrades (DU),
-kernel upgrades and their respective modules,
-videocard patches for your new kernel, especially of the non-free kind,
-installing extra software
-removing certain software
-tweaking your system by removing certain config files or old kernels or modules etc.

For a more expansive list of what it can do, see here please.

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For actual text/ code stuff, just put it in the developer's forums, here, that is.

The 'what is smxi' was on the list, but then when I made the smxi story page, I figured that was good enough, but I'll add a simple faq item too, with links to navigation and smxi-story
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