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If you didn't know, as of 2.5.0, vmware is moving to an nVidia style installer for vmware player, built along the lines of the nvidia .run installer.

I've moved svmi to handle this, while retaining the any any support, and I also added the option to download and install the last major version of vmware player, for now, just in case there are some issues.

Since there is no new vmplayer any any patch for 2.6.27, and since it appears that vmware has finally worked around the issues that created the initial need for the any any patch in the first place, hopefully this will finally end the endless any any update hunt that each new kernel version has forced us into.

My assumption with any-any was always that something in the vmware innards violates, at least in theory, something in the linux kernel, thus making the awkward and odd any-any method mandatory. I suspect this is the reason, because any any was not housed on vmware servers, and after last year, got harder and harder to dig up.

So this seems like a good thing. I tested this on 2.6.26 today and it worked fine. hubi reports that it's also working fine on 2.6.27 kernels, so that's another good sign.

As always when you rely on vmware, make sure to verify that vmware supports your new kernel before you install a new kernel, for major versions that is, within each release vmware support has been consistently strong. A major kernel version is for example 2.6.26, whereas a minor one is

So on it goes, some things I needed patched and made workable for normal people are getting done now, others are a problem.
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