Please read this first if you aren't familiar with things
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There are some basic tools and other things you should be familiar with before working on, or making suggestions, fixes.

For now, let's keep things simple, and use the stuff that's already here firsts, before adding more:
  • script feature requests - post all feature requests there.
  • script bug reports - file all bug reports, including error logs, there.
  • script svn - this is the easiest way to get the full set of the latest current working code. This is usually identical to the latest code downloaded from by the scripts themselves.
  • script documentation - please check this out before starting to work on anything to make sure there aren't already some built in tools, tricks, or options to help you do what you want.

I'll generally just move development specific items here from the main script forums when they are done, to avoid too much clutter. If you are not a developer or contributor, you want to go to the main script forums, not here.

This used to be a private forum, but I prefer it to be public now so it's of more utility to anyone who might be interested in the process, contributing, or whatever. No reason to close doors that are best left open.
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