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no, it means you're a perfect bug hunter, because you are running a setup I don't run, testing parts of smxi I don't often test, and so caught bugs I failed to see. And those were true bugs, not trivial, at least not trivial to me, since they made the feature fail completely.

The uk repos are a compromise globally, the uk repos a: tend to be quite fast, and b: are located between mainland europe and the USA.

However, smxi should now correctly be uncommenting the antix set debian repos, not writing out new ones. Again, with the last bug fixes, failure to do this would be a bug.

However, pre bug fix, that would not be a bug, but correct handling for debian repos in general.

Re 2.0.2 vbox, I haven't tried it yet, I never got around to it, I'm still using the ose stuff because I stopped using non-ose while svmi couldn't directly download non ose vbox. I try to always eat my own dogfood with these scripts, so if I can't script it in, I usually just run what the scripts support, otherwise far too many bugs would creep in.

But I know there were issues with 2.6.26 and vbox. Maybe slh did some hack to make vbox work in ose versions, that negatively impact the non-ose version.
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