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Well, I thought me and 'ole Sid would meander over here. Seems I'm not alone. Hi, everyone.

smxi is working flawlessly with Sid here h2, thanks!!

I do have mixed feelings about using it, it just makes things too easy. I'm one of those guys who learns best by breaking things, and I've had plenty of learning opportunities to date. Truth to tell, though, most of them have been self-inflicted.
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that's good to hear, it should run fine in sid. Personally, I'd recommend adding sidux sources just to get the sidux hot fixes, if you haven't done that yet. smxi currently does not have a real way to test if a sidux hot fix is available or not, though I guess now that I think of it that's not too hard to do, just test for package and sidux sources, then hold or fix or whatever if no sidux sources.

I wish i was running at least one sid or testing install as a daily thing, but I just can't justify the reinstall time because I have so much development configuration stuff to set up, it would be at least one day to get the basic stuff running, at least, then a week to catch all the little things I forgot.

To me, we're at an age where it's ok that operating systems do what they are supposed to do, make things easier on us.
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