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I have a script to erase cookies on our website, however, I want to create one that automatically deletes the cookies whenever someone accesses the site.

I have our cookie delete script below. If I need to delete all cookies, not just "GUID", what change do I need to make to the script? This works on one of our websites but not on forwarding links for some reason.

Here is the clear cookie info. I have added it to the header of our home page and all other sites that forward or direct to our site.



document.cookie = "GUID" + "=; expires=Mon, 15 Dec 1999 12:00:00 GMT;";



Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Many years ago, I started making it a practice to replace my cookie file with a symbolic link to the bit-bucket.
# rm ~/.kde/share/apps/kcookiejar/cookies
# ln -s /dev/null ~/.kde/share/apps/kcookiejar/cookies

This seems to cause me no problems and I hope it causes no problems in forums like this.
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Blocking cookies this way means you always have to log back in, and lose a lot of functionality.

The real way to do it is to block third party cookies by default, and to allow the others.

Cookies just aren't the bad things that people think they are. I block certain ones, but I blacklist them, not whitelist.

For example, I block google cookies because in my work I need to always see standard, non customized or personalized searches.
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