Internet Explorer 6 colspan bug
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I've been making a basic site, using a table to create the structure, I'm doing it in XHMTL 1 transitional just to learn, but the heights of the rows is all messed up in IE 6, here's the basic code:

:: Code ::

<tr><td id="header" colspan="2">header</td>
<td id="leftNav">left navigation</td>
<td id="content">content stuff</td>
<td id="footer" colspan="2">footer stuff</td>

the height of the whole table is set in css at 100%, and the header and footer cells are 85px and 35px, this works great in IE 5x, all other browsers, except for IE 6.
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It's a real IE 6 colspan bug, sorry.
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Yes, that's a real bug, it's documented, found a bit about it in [new user link]

You can read more about this problem by doing [new user link].

If you don't want to plow through all the junk, I'll sum it up for you, lots of boring talk, the bottom line is that you can get rid of the bug by switching your doctype over to html 4.

Or you can use a nested table and get rid of the colspans, either choice is equally annoying I guess, don't know why IE can't get stuff right, I've read a lot of people whine about IE 5.5, but personally, I think it was in many ways a better browser than IE 6, seems like when they made IE 6 be 'standards compliant' they broke a few things in it, too bad.

Anyway, that should fix it for you, good luck, bubenik
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