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flashplugin-nonfree does work with iceweasel 3, no issues reported.
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I've been experimenting with auto-upgrading the antiX config side from 7.2-7.5.
All the script does (at the moment) is upgrade the new smxi, fluxbox, icewm, controlcentre, grfafix, slim.conf, .xinitrc and the new apps needed for the CC to work.

I downloaded antiX-M7.2, installed it, and ran the antiX-upgrader script and it worked!
I then ran smxi and hit a problem with ffmpeg, libs (can't remember the exact name). Anyhow, had to comment out the Debian Testing repo, apt-get update, apt-get -f install and the upgrade finished.
Then, I re-enabled the Debian-Testing repos, apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, installed xfce-full, kde-full, fvwm-crystal, nvidia and ...


I then installed a sidux kernel plus new nvidia and again SUCCESS.

This script is a gem, h2.

Thanks very much for it.

Oh, and congrats on the ver. 8.0.0 milestone.
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