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To create shared folders in a Linux type guest, first enable shared folders, using the menu option, you select it, find the folder you want shared, then enable it for always be shared.

Then you need to explicitly enable it. As root, do the following:

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mount -t vboxsf [-o OPTIONS] sharename mountpoint

Of course replace the sharename and mountpoint with the real stuff.

Let's say your user name is fred. You want to share your whole home directory, called fred.

First, add that item to the virtualbox shared folders option, and say to remember it, and call it fred, to make it easy to remember.

Now let's assume you want to mount it in your virtualbox guest home directory.

Whatever your guest user name is, let's say frank, you make a directory: /home/frank/fred-shared
It could be called anything of course.

Then, you make the mount like this:
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mount -t vboxsf fred /home/frank/fred-shared

And that's it, you'll have immediate access to that shared data.
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