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i have read the tutorial about javascript cookies but was unsure what to do.

i have found this code to swap the backgrouns and text colours:

:: Code ::
function ChangeColor(Color) {
if (Color == 'Blue') {
   document.getElementById("body").style.background="#000099 url(images/blue/bg.png) repeat-x";
if (Color == 'Red') {
   document.getElementById("body").style.background="#B90000 url(images/red/bg.png) repeat-x";
if (Color == 'Green') {
   document.getElementById("body").style.background="#004000 url(images/green/bg.png) repeat-x";

how would i go about adding the cookie feature.

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Sorry, it's too hard to walk someone through all the learning steps they need to do themselves, my advice is to start reading, practicing, begin with very simple things like how to write a simple function, how to call that function on the page, and so on.

While it's possible someone can walk you through your specific issue, well, let's rephrase that, that someone would write all your code for you to do this specific thing you want to try, it wouldn't do you any good until you learn a bit more.

I recommend reading, practicing, and so on.

This forum doesn't really cater to serious noobs, it's just too time consuming to do that, but good luck in general.
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