request: misc_fixes nvidia-24-link only for 2.6.24.x kernels
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The symb links that sgfxi creates for /usr/src/linux-xxx/include/asm were only needed for kernnels 2.6.24.x - New slh kernels make the symb links at installation time.

I have a request: eliminate the call for kernels newer than 2.6.24. That's the only "hack" I do to sgfxi with my kernels.

:: Code ::
--- sgfxi-3.1.11        2008-06-14 15:41:28.000000000 -0400
+++ sgfxi-3.1.11-lat    2008-06-14 15:42:04.000000000 -0400
@@ -1445,7 +1445,7 @@
                                        case $KERNEL_THIRD in
-                                               24|25|26)
+                                               24)
                                                        misc_fixes nvidia-24-link # this might always be needed, all cases?
@@ -2970,4 +2970,4 @@

 x_start_stop_master start

\ No newline at end of file

The reason I want that functionality off is because nvidia-24-link deletes an actual asm directory for and up and "fakes it" with a symb link for my kernels.

:: Code ::
  if [ -L "$headersDir/asm" -o -e "$headersDir/asm" ]
                                rm -f $headersDir/asm

                        echo "${B}Creating symbolic link ${C}asm-x86 asm${B}...${N}"

                        ln -sf $headersDir/asm-x86 $headersDir/asm || error_handler 233 "link -s asm-x86 asm"

Some background: while the links are always needed, and they need to be created when one build a custom compile a kernel, the headers are always broken somewhere else anyways.

I don't install linux-headers-2.6.2xxxx anymore, I use the actual source directory that I used to build the kernel.

The only users I'm worry about that might brake sgfxi functionality are the make's realtime kernel users. I don't know how he deals with the headers. however, I'm pretty sure he makes his headers as slh does, since one needs to do more than those links to let sgfxi to work without problems

Tests done - Live mode (2 different boots)
a) only installing linux-headers-2.6.25-5.slh.1-sidux-686
b) installing linux-image-2.6.25-5.slh.1-sidux-686 linux-image-2.6-sidux-686 linux-headers-2.6-sidux-686

The second test is tricky because you have to edit /etc/kernel-img.conf and comment out line "postinst_hook = /usr/sbin/update-grub" because grub is not installed in live mode and makes apt-get to complain about that hook not been done without errors
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sounds reasonable, I dont' track this stuff carefully, I'll make the asm stuff only run on 2.6.24 kernels, thanks, let's see how that goes
version: 3.1.12
now has only 2.6.24 asm linking.

Let me know if you hear of any issues with this for people.

Thanks for the feedback, the sgfxi stuff is low on my list, I've been doing a big hack on smxi to make it more abstracted and able to handle debian straight as well as sidux, both testing and sid, so far working quite well.
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