Debian Stable + smxi updates
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More just to see if I could get it to run, debian stable is now supported in smxi.

Features: uses apt-get upgrade instead of apt-get dist-upgrade, does not run fixes pre or post upgrade, does not run holds, uses its own smxi warnings etc, which I don't expect to be marked as anything other than proceed, safe, in general.

Some issues need to be resolved here, but overall it's a good start.

I expect the main utility of this is for average users who just want to learn a single command to update their systems, though of course they could also use the upgrade gui, which is a good feature of debian stable, and safe to use I think.

So this might be good for remote maintenance etc, but more it was simply a proof of concept, and to catch a few more bugs for testing systems, which I did, so that's a good thing.
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