How to use svn overview
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Checkout this nice svn how-to.

Has most of what you need to know, nice and brief.

All the fun stuff:

:: Code ::
#Obtain a list of the possible projects to download from a SVN repository:
svn list --verbose svn://

#Download the sources of a project:
# svn co  is the same as  svn checkout
svn co svn:// destdir

#Update a project downloading the last possible version:
svn update

# See the differences within the repository
svn diff

# Send modifications of the files or commit
svn commit -m 'Fixed the bug of double interfaces launched'
svn commit evidence-gui* -m 'Commiting the evidence-gui files'

# Upload it in the next commit
svn add file
svn add directory
svn add images/*.png

and so on, just posted these here as a reminder.

Also good, and more in depth, is this svn faq, which showed me for example how to update a log message that I submitted by accident

:: Code ::
svn propset -r <revision number> --revprop svn:log "Updated log message"

Like so: svn propset -r 92 --revprop svn:log "I removed some bad code in this module/"

The URL is not needed if you start it in your local svn location.
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