More outlook junk, slow showing email problems
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first good thread:

ms turn off linebreaks cleanup:

outlook speed up tips

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I was able to get outlook to spead up by about 300% by nenaming the outcmd.dat file and lettig ourllok create a new data file. It kept all of my e-mails as they were and what took minutes before to change pages, retrive e-mails and such now takes only a few (2-3) seconds

Nice work guys, that last one fixed it for my client, it was a corrupted outcmd.dat file, located in:
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

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Not needed, but still good to know:

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"The reading pane in Outlook 2003 is slow when I switch from different folders. The pane takes about 20 seconds to come up to the current email. I have XP with SP2 installed. I have no other problems except this one."

There are three possible causes to the problem:

# Instant messenger. The fix is to disable the link to Instant Messenger on Outlook's Tools, Options, Other tab.
# Network connectivity issues when you are using mapped network drives, including slow networks or inaccessible mapped drives. The fix is to uncheck the box for the dialog to always ask whether to open/save the attachments or disable mapped drives.
# Alternative input support in Office 2003. This allows you to use speech or handwriting instead of typing. Disable alternative input following instructions in How to turn off the speech recognition and the handwriting recognition features in Office 200

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