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Kudos to the programmers of the script !!!
I went through this forum and made the script to work to some extent

I uploaded the full featured php browser identification file as browser.php

and called the necessary variables like

:: Code ::
echo ( browser_detection( 'browser' ) .'<br>'.
browser_detection( 'number' ) .'<br>'.
browser_detection( 'os' ) .'<br>'. 
browser_detection( 'os_number' ) );

The output was
:: Code ::
Your browser is: moz

I looked into the code and found thr are many options ,but i dint know how to call them,via browser_detection() or through some other call function

I need it to display the Browser(full name for firefox),Browser version,OS and OS version

Could anyone tell me how to call and use other functions also
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Sounds like you are looking for the system information script called 'Your Computer' offered here.

However, while we are happy to offer these scripts as a service, we are not interested in teaching people how to do basic programming, life is short and you have to spend some of your's learning how to deal with php functions, options, and so on. You've already learned some, since you got output successfully, now you just have to learn how to do more things.

The Your Computer script has examples of how to get some of the various types of user friendly output.
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