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I designed a web page to look good in Firefox and it looks like cr#p in IE.

If we do with out doors and walls, who needs Windows and Gates!

I've been looking at the browser detection scripts.

What browser do I make a page look good in and let the script take over???
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while it's a lot more work, I strongly recommend against relying on browser detection to solve css display issues. And definitely do not use it for solving simple html issues.

For MSIE issue themselves, using msie conditionals is far more reliable, but should be only used to solve display issues that absolutely cannot be solved in other ways.

Browser detection I only use for extreme cases, or seriously complex css layouts.

In almost all cases, it's far better to simply downgrade the css until it basically works in most browsers, then to fine tune msie 5, 6 and 7, and maybe 8, using msie conditionals.
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