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Posted: Dec 6, 09, 8:28    Installing kde3 on Debian Squeeze
Not many Ubuntu fans around here, me neither. But.....kde 3.5.10 has been repackaged for newer Ubuntus and currently works in Debian Squeeze. Maybe sid?

It doesn't seem to interfere with Debian packages, installs to /opt/kde3. I suppose one could compile kde3 and put it there (sounds painful) It seems not possible to just enable lenny repo and install kde3 now. At least this project has a maintainer, although it seems to officially support Ubuntu only. I read it can co-exist with kde4 probably whatever other WM

I saw no squeeze stuff getting removed but can't be sure how safe it is

I put it on a fresh squeeze install with lxde set up already. I can now choose kde3 from gdm and it seems to work normally. No excessive cpu or ram hogging apparent..

Dependencies I had to do manually: (I do not want ubuntu apt repos, will likely trash squeeze)

:: Code ::
apt-get install lsb-release
(launchpad-integration requires it, squeeze version OK))

:: Code ::
dpkg -i launchpad-integration_0.1.24_all.deb
(download this from ubuntu. Nothing will install without but seems to do no harm to squeeze )

Add to apt sources (this is the source for kde3 stuff ONLY):

deb karmic main

:: Code ::
apt-get update

:: Code ::
apt-cache search ubuntu
:: Code ::
apt-cache search kde3
shows what is available,seems like most of it. Everything has a -kde3 suffix (so no compatability issues with kde4)

This shows what I installed here :

:: Code ::
dzz@squeeze:~$ dpkg -l | grep ubuntu
ii  akregator-kde3                       4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          RSS feed aggregator for KDE
ii  ark-kde3                             4:3.5.10-0ubuntu3          graphical archiving tool for KDE3
ii  exiv2-kde3                           0.17-0ubuntu2              EXIF/IPTC metadata manipulation tool [KDE3]
ii  k3b-data-kde3                        1.0.5-4ubuntu2             A sophisticated KDE CD burning application - data files
ii  k3b-kde3                             1.0.5-4ubuntu2             A sophisticated KDE CD burning application [KDE3]
ii  kaddressbook-kde3                    4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE NG addressbook application
ii  kaffeine-kde3                        0.8.6-0ubuntu6             versatile media player for KDE3
ii  kamera-kde3                          4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          digital camera io_slave for Konqueror
ii  kappfinder-kde3                      4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         non-KDE application finder for KDE
ii  kate-kde3                            4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         advanced text editor for KDE
ii  kcontrol-kde3                        4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         control center for KDE
ii  kcron-kde3                           4:3.5.10-0ubuntu3          the KDE3 crontab editor
ii  kde-style-qtcurve-kde3               0.55.2-1ubuntu8            This is a set of widget styles for KDE3 based apps
ii  kdeartwork-emoticons-kde3            4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          emoticon collections for KDE chat clients
ii  kdeartwork-kde3                      4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          themes, styles and more from the official KDE3 release
ii  kdeartwork-misc-kde3                 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          various multimedia goodies released with KDE
ii  kdeartwork-style-kde3                4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          widget styles released with KDE3
ii  kdeartwork-theme-icon-kde3           4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          icon themes released with KDE3
ii  kdeartwork-theme-window-kde3         4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          window decoration themes released with KDE3
ii  kdebase-data-kde3                    4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         shared data files for the KDE base module
ii  kdebase-kde3                         4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         base components from the official KDE release
ii  kdebase-kde3-bin                     4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         core binaries for the KDE base module
ii  kdebase-kio-plugins-kde3             4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         core I/O slaves for KDE
ii  kdebase-runtime-data-common-kde3     4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         Shared common files for KDE3 and KDE4
ii  kdegraphics-kfile-plugins-kde3       4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          KDE metainfo plugins for graphic files
ii  kdelibs-data-kde3                    4:3.5.10-0ubuntu12         core shared data for all KDE applications
ii  kdelibs-kde3                         4:3.5.10-0ubuntu12         core libraries from the official KDE release
ii  kdelibs4c2a-kde3                     4:3.5.10-0ubuntu12         core libraries and binaries for all KDE applications
ii  kdemultimedia-kio-plugins-kde3       4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          enables the browsing of audio CDs under Konqueror
ii  kdepasswd-kde3                       4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         password changer for KDE
ii  kdepim-kio-plugins-kde3              4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 pim I/O Slaves
ii  kdepim-kresources-kde3               4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 pim resource plugins
ii  kdeprint-kde3                        4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         print system for KDE
ii  kdesktop-kde3                        4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         miscellaneous binaries and files for the KDE desktop
ii  kdesudo-kde3                         4:2.5.1-4ubuntu0           sudo frontend for KDE3
ii  kdewallpapers-kde3                   4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          wallpapers released with KDE3
ii  kdf-kde3                             4:3.5.10-0ubuntu3          disk space utility for KDE3
ii  kdirstat-kde3                        2.4.4-1ubuntu0             graphical disk usage display with cleanup facilities [K
ii  kdm-kde3                             4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         X display manager for KDE
ii  kfind-kde3                           4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         file-find utility for KDE
ii  kget-kde3                            4:3.5.10-0ubuntu2          download manager for KDE3
ii  kghostview-kde3                      4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          PostScript viewer for KDE3
ii  khelpcenter-kde3                     4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         help center for KDE
ii  kicker-applets-kde3                  4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          applets for Kicker, the KDE3 panel
ii  kicker-kde3                          4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         desktop panel for KDE
ii  kio-locate-kde3                      0.4.5-1ubuntu4             kio-slave for the locate command [KDE3]
ii  kipi-plugins-kde3                    0.1.5-1ubuntu2             image manipulation/handling plugins for KIPI aware prog
ii  klipper-kde3                         4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         clipboard utility for KDE3
ii  kmail-kde3                           4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 Email client
ii  kmenuedit-kde3                       4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         menu editor for KDE
ii  kmix-kde3                            4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          sound mixer applet for KDE3
ii  konq-plugins-kde3                    4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          plugins for Konqueror, the KDE3 file/web/doc browser
ii  konqueror-kde3                       4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         KDE's advanced file manager, web browser and document v
ii  konqueror-nsplugins-kde3             4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         Netscape plugin support for Konqueror
ii  konsole-kde3                         4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         X terminal emulator for KDE
ii  kooka-kde3                           4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          scanner program for KDE3
ii  korganizer-kde3                      4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 personal organizer
ii  kpager-kde3                          4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         desktop pager for KDE
ii  kpersonalizer-kde3                   4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         installation personalizer for KDE
ii  kregexpeditor-kde3                   4:3.5.10-0ubuntu3          graphical regular expression editor plugin for KDE3
ii  kscreensaver-kde3                    4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          additional screen savers released with KDE3
ii  kscreensaver-xsavers-kde3            4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          KDE3 hooks for standard xscreensavers
ii  ksmserver-kde3                       4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         session manager for KDE
ii  ksplash-engine-moodin-kde3           0.4.2-1ubuntu4             fading splash screen engine for KDE3
ii  ksplash-kde3                         4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         the KDE splash screen
ii  ksysguard-kde3                       4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         system guard for KDE
ii  ksysguardd-kde3                      4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         system guard daemon for KDE
ii  ktip-kde3                            4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         useful tips for KDE
ii  ktorrent-kde3                        2.2.5-1ubuntu0             BitTorrent client for KDE3
ii  kuser-kde3                           4:3.5.10-0ubuntu3          KDE3 user/group administration tool
ii  kwin-kde3                            4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         the KDE window manager
ii  kwin-style-crystal-kde3              1.0.5-0ubuntu3             semi transparant window decoration for KDE3
ii  libarts1c2a-kde3                     1.5.10-0ubuntu3            aRts sound system core components
ii  libartsc0-kde3                       1.5.10-0ubuntu3            aRts sound system C support library
ii  libexiv2-4-kde3                      0.17-0ubuntu2              EXIF/IPTC metadata manipulation library [KDE3]
ii  libk3b3-extracodecs-kde3             1.0.5-4ubuntu2             The KDE cd burning application library - extra decoders
ii  libk3b3-kde3                         1.0.5-4ubuntu2             The KDE cd burning application library - runtime files
ii  libkcal2b-kde3                       4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 calendaring library
ii  libkcddb1-kde3                       4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          CDDB library for KDE3
ii  libkdcraw3-kde3                      0.1.4-0ubuntu3             Raw picture decoding C++ library (runtime) [KDE3]
ii  libkdepim1a-kde3                     4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 PIM library
ii  libkexiv2-3-kde3                     0.1.7-0ubuntu4             Qt like interface for the libexiv2 library (runtime) [K
ii  libkleopatra1-kde3                   4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE GnuPG interface libraries
ii  libkmime2-kde3                       4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 MIME interface library
ii  libkonq4-kde3                        4:3.5.10-2ubuntu11         core libraries for Konqueror
ii  libkpimexchange1-kde3                4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 PIM Exchange library
ii  libkpimidentities1-kde3              4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 PIM user identity information library
ii  libkscan1-kde3                       4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1          scanner library for KDE3
ii  libksieve0-kde3                      4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 mail/news message filtering library
ii  libktnef1-kde3                       4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          Library for handling KTNEF email attachments
ii  libmimelib1c2a-kde3                  4:3.5.10-0ubuntu4          KDE3 mime library

If one man could repackage that, why could the kde team not?
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Posted: Dec 6, 09, 9:17    
wow, brilliant. Very good information.

I've been working a bit with ubuntu/kubuntu to get the feel of them, and because my friend's really don't like the debian upgrade cycle of continuous du's, coupled with breaks and failures, so I gave ubuntu a go, and it seems fine, in the kubuntu form.

But kde4 continues to be just barely good enough for normal use, not yet good enough for advanced use, not until 4.5 I'd guess will it really be a full drop in replacement for kde3.
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Posted: Dec 6, 09, 11:28    
their keyring (might change) as posted

:: Code ::
apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 44869960
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Posted: Mar 18, 10, 16:22    
I recently wrote to the maintainer to report success on squeeze. He replied that (his project's) official Debian support is under consideration after the next stable Ubuntu release and that only minor tweaks should be necessary.
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Posted: Apr 27, 10, 21:44    apt sources setup vauge
I for the life of me cannot figure out how to add the needed repositories to apt so it will pull and install the KDE3 packages??

What is the proper line to add to apt sources?
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Posted: Apr 27, 10, 21:55    how to install kde3
OK, I figured how to add the repository, next major problem with this tutorial is what is the command to add the kde3 I tried installing the kdebase-kde3 package but it errors:

Depends: kdebase-kio-plugins-kde3 but it is not going to be installed
Depends: kdesktop-kde3 but it is not going to be installed
Depends: konqueror-nsplugins-kde3 but it is not going to be installed
Depends: konqueror-kde3 but it is not going to be installed
Depends: ksmserver-kde3 but it is not going to be installed
Recommends: kdebase-runtime-data-common-kde3 but it is not going to be installed"
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Posted: Apr 27, 10, 22:51    piece by piece install trouble
I tried installing kdesktop-kde3 and got the following dependency error:


Package libxxf86misc1 has no available version, but exists in the database.
This typically means that the package was mentioned in a dependency and never uploaded, has been obsoleted or is not available with the contents of sources.list

so I googled for it and downloaded from debian lenny and dpkg -i

again progress with the piece by piece install of kde3

amarok install had a problem needing libmysqlclient15off

so I downloaded the lenny version from debian, dpkg again...

viola got kde3 on squeeze just logged in and I would say first that it seems snappier than under the lenny kernel.

I will post more if I have more to say ;-)
Thanks for your great work with the repackaging, I hope I have contributed to your tutorial importing things that were missing to complete the process, for the next soul who is burdened by the dumbing of the kde interface in version 4.
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Posted: Apr 27, 10, 23:00    experimentation with kde4+kde3 enviroment
kde3 seems to run kde4 apps just fine so those that you can tolerate that are already loaded with kebian squeeze seem to work OK, you will not need to install thier kde3 original counterparts!

I am installing amarok-kde3 as the kde4 version has gone the way of gnome (lets just remove all the configuration ability from the users they are stupid anyway) please pardon my candor about kde4 maby I will try it again at about kde4.9, for now it is a real burn that has reduced my productivity.

But I do appreciate the new kernel in squeeze and how it runs on my acer laptop.

Real pleased to have kde3 back on a squeeze kernel
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Posted: Apr 28, 10, 4:20    
Greetings teknomage2012, good to see someone taking interest here. I too find recent kernels very good, I run the latest liquorix. Apart from that I'm finding more annoyances than amazing improvements in Squeeze/sid lately.

Yes, the kde3 core packages you quote depend on libxxf86misc1. That has recently disappeared from squeeze/sid, I found out the other day doing a chroot build. I got the most recent libxxf86misc1 from There were no installation or dependency problems.

My squeeze-kde3 continues to run well with no upgrade issues so far. Htop shows a few % cpu and under 200mb ram in "idle" state. It runs adequately on my older hardware (athlon xp3200+, 1gb ram)

Kde3 will be around for as long as people want to use it and there is someone to maintain it. Other desktops will evolve in the meantime but for many of us the alternatives are not yet as good.

The sources.list (.d if you use it, it's not compulsory) entry:

:: Code ::
deb karmic main

Other issues will probably surface in time, hopefully easily fixable, could maybe be posted here as and when. I will try to do chroot builds from time to time and keep logs.

Another issue: if you want to use KDM (kdm-kde3) it does not work as installed. /etc/init.d/kdm-kde3 links to /lib/init/upstart-job, probably an Ubuntu difference. I tried removing that link, copying /opt/bin/kdm to /etc/init.d/kdm-kde3, changing references in that script to /opt/bin/kdm, then used sysv-rc-conf to activate it. That worked although smxi gave "kdm not found" warnings. Maybe it's better to use GDM (which for me found everything without intervention) and do a manual check for X is closed before upgrade.

Thanks for the repackaging are almost entirely to Timothy Pearson
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Posted: Apr 29, 10, 6:17    
For some reason I am unable to edit the above post.

:: Quote ::
copying /opt/bin/kdm to /etc/init.d/kdm-kde3

is incorrect, the init script was copied from a Lenny system, edited and manually linked to /etc/rc*.d with appropriate K01 and S99 prefixes
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