Looking for code review for Smarty Based login system(GPL)
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I hope this is a proper place to post this I have been on this forum before and found the membership quite helpfull, so I thought I would ask for some feedback.

I have been messing around with smarty for a while. I thought I would share a recent project I did using Smarty. This project is the base for another project I want to take on. I have always wanted to do a login system to teach myself so thats what I did.

It is ready for independent code review. I want to tighten it up before release of the actual auto classifieds script that the login script is going to be the base for. Good foundations make strong houses. If you are interested the new script is available for download on Sourceforge at


I did get a domain name openautoclassifieds.com It currently just forwards to my hosting business website (I focused more on getting the code ready then the actual website) If you would like to see a live test site for the login system it is located at the link below, it is not exactly pretty yet but it should be a good start IMHO.


Let me know what you think, this is GPL so it is free to use for anyone. Your feedback is appreciated

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